Some of you may have been wondering why one of Nigeria’s female rappers, Bouqui has been on the ‘hush’ for a while… The reason is finally coming to fore, starting with the unveil of three talented sisters – Jemima Abel Damina (J.T), Jesimel Precious Abel Damina (J.P) and Jewel Precious Abel Damina (J.J) are together called – Triple J Plus. They are the new kids on the block and they are ready to take the music industry and the entire Nigerian community by storm.

At an exclusive media briefing and buffet held recently to introduce the trio, an excited Bouqui who has been known for her unique brand of gospel and inspirational Hip-Hop stated that “The girls are so talented! There is nothing as fulfilling as finding and nurturing new talents and watching them rise to fame”.

The oldest of the sisters is J.T who was born in 1994. She is an intending freshman at Oral Roberts University, USA and likes dancing cooking and travelling. J.P on the other hand is 15 years old. Her hobbies include; singing, basketball and creative arts. The youngest is 8 years old J.J she likes drawing, making friends and dancing.
BOUQUI took to the sisters after she was floored by their raw talent, energy, passion and dedication. Her involvement in this project will be no surprise to her long time fans who has known the rapper for dipping her feet in new territories and immersing herself in new challenges. As a young child she discovered her passion for music and in her teens formed the all female group, G-VIBES. She also branched into broadcasting by presenting on Eko FM.

Two years after the release of her first album, Bouqui released her sophomore album ‘REDEFINITION’ which further strengthened her as one of the most bankable female acts in Nigeria’s Entertainment industry. Her first single “Mo Ri Le” was an instant hit which was followed up by another successful single “Take You Away”. An energetic live performer, the rapper went on the road and toured extensively in the UK, US and Nigeria in 2009 and the better half of 2010.

Now, she’s taking time off her busy schedule to give Nigerians a worthy gift – Three amazing gifted sisters for the prize of one. Born and raised in Uyo, Nigeria. Triple J Plus have known music for a long time and are usually of the notion that music for them is inbuilt. “We have known music for as long as we can recall, but it officially took its shape and call last year” J.T, 16 says JP adds “We were a part of a music competition organized by AKBC in Uyo three years ago, where we came 4th. We are sure our music will cut across the younger generation as we pass across message that they can relate to”.

Interestingly, the youngest of the trio Jewel was before now already “popular”… How? – Two years ago, she was kidnapped by militants on her way to school (on Thursday June 19, 2008). They kept her for eight days, and finally released her after government’s intervention.

“It was a really terrible experience” The soft spoken 8 year old says. But her sisters say the family has put the event behind them.

Triple J Plus are Nigeria’s freshest and hottest music talents, coming out with a loud bang and enough force to grab a slot on the charts, and a residency in our hearts!


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