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  1. Thank you all for your lovely comments. It's a bit of an overshare, but it is something that most people will need to have done at some stage or another. I wanted to share my experience warts, or should that be, piles and all! I hope I haven't put anyone off, because if you have symptoms or a family history, this procedure could save your life. xo

  2. i had lasik and it didnt make my eyes good enough. they said my vision has the be the same for 2 eye exams before I can have the second surgery to do it again. i had an eye exam last month and have one this month. but they also said they have to wait 3 to 6 months after the first surgery. this next eye exam will be 3 months and If my vision hasn’t changed, I’ll have the surgery that same day… hope this helped…btw, i went to lasik plus, and don’t recommend them to anyone Was this answer helpful?

  3. I dont believe this thing is really fair. What about the school in the Oil City of Ghana? Please try and be fair. Schools like Ghana Sec Tech Sch, Archbishop Porter Girls, Fijai Sec Sch, Sekondi College and the others deserve to be part. I wanna see the oil city with a rep next time round. At least the best in the Oil City should have a rep.

  4. J’ai plus d’admiration pour ceux qui sont passés par les KZ et les humiliations, qui ont survécu, que pour un dégouté de la vie qui se tue au Brésil.Rédigé par : ph&&&g | le 11 juillet 2012 à 12:21 | | Alerter |Non, il ne faut pas dire ça ! Ils ont tous droit à notre immense compassion pour avoir tant souffert. Le mot « admiration » ici est totalement déplacé.

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  6. Last night I was at a colleague’s house, enjoying a delicious Rosh Hashana dinner, and the conversation turned to the present economic crisis. One of the the relatives, who works in the financial sector, was trying to explain what had happened. I didn’t understand it, but it all sounded pretty grim. As I walked home I found myself thinking for the first time that we might be seeing the sinking of the American ship.

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  23. Thank you!!! The temp in the house is about 68…not sure if that is cool or not! haha! I think I messed up by not letting my yeast sit long enough in the beginning! But, regardless they turned out good. I am doing another batch today, hoping that they have a few more nooks and crannies(;

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  31. Some herbs are perennials so if you plant them in the ground, they’ll come back year after year and get HUGE( sage, thyme, oregano, chives). Parsely is a biannual( only comes back after 1 year). Basil and dill and rosemary needs to be planted every year( although rosemary is a tender perennial, it never lasts for me).

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  33. Pour ma part oui, je n’ai aucune confiance dans la parole de 17 gouvernements insolvables soumis à 17 élections périodiquement…Je t’accorde même la moyenne des taux, soit 5 % (entre 3 % et 7 %) donc nos taux vont grimper de 2 points, soit à terme 35 Md€ d’intérêts annuels en plus, sympa…quel doux rêve encore ces Eurobonds… La voie royale pour détruire l’Europe pour le coup, quand le premier défaut arrivera…

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  37. Bandal Oyé | (15:57) Eloko ba congolais baza ko comprendre te que BAKANGAKI YE TE ye moko amoni moyen te a profité na début ya Francophonie pona abima mais asala erreur puisque lundi bako kanga ye ya solo na Kanyama à moins que akende lisusu kokota na libulu place azalaki na Bas Congo

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  39. UPDATE: Będzie nowy zin na MFK. Info:Na początku października ukaże się pierwszy numer komix – zina RRY. Wewnątrz znajdą się prace Rafała Tomczaka Otoczaka, Macieja Pałki, Dominika Szcześniaka i Piotra Machłajewskiego. Za projekt odpowiedzialny jest Piotr PRQ Pruszczyński.Premiera – MFKPierwszy numer RRY jest jednocześnie zaproszeniem skierowanym do twórców – rysowników i scenarzystów z całej Polski, do wzięcia udziału w kolejnych wydaniach zina.Kontakt: PRQ

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  47. Jenn,Thanks for the update on your gramma. I was wondering how she was. She is a very nice looking women. I pray she will be cured from this horrible cancer. My prayers and thoughts are with you both.

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  51. that, I wish Mr Halley had spent a bit more energy on philosophical bent of the book as well. If Halley wanted to dwell, there was ample sarcasm and subtle humor in discourse between swamijee and his disciples. Halley, just a few words of disclaimer on the top saying this is just an attempt to look at chivaraku migiledi from a lighter angle would have served the purpose better.

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  53. WOW Rachel – I am so touched by this!! Thank you so much! I have to say though that I was starting to feel old being around for so long!! haha!! But I did start young … hahaha!! You are so awesome. Thank you for this. Have a great Christmas! Let's rock and roll in 2011.By the way – couldn't agree more with your recommendations either!!! Awesome resources.

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  64. You misread my point, which means I probably didn’t make it clearly enough. What I said (meant to say?) was that offering a better solution is NOT a good strategy; offering a solution to a problem that nobody else is current solving or solving in such a manner that few people know of the solution IS the good strategy.Also, this is no epiphany on my part. Al Ries and many others has written about exactly what I’m explaining for (well?) over 25 years.

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    and checking back regularly!

  671. Elderkin FamilyI sent a card, but do not know if you got it or not…Aunt Doris, had a kind heart. She was always great to me, and our families..Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.Please keep in touch.

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  673. Your right, there is no foot brace to manually cock the bow! That would be a downside in my opinion too. I have a great varminter setup with a chip mc’cormic trigger and magpul PPS stock, and I love that AR lower, would be pretty cool to shoot a bow off of it. At $1500 I cant afford it either. But maybe if I keep my eyes open a deal will come up.

  674. A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!