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  4. When my sisters and I were babies, my mom had 2 high chairs. One was the big fancy one and the other was the cheap plastic one. My mom ALWAYS went for the plastic one for the same reasons that you guys are giving! So easy to clean!

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  11. God, we never had to endure this kinda bullshit when Peruzzi and Bogoch were editing what was once an incredibly entertaining and informative magazine. If this was a letter to the editor, not even Freeskier would publish it.

  12. Tax law encourages this, its basically a plea to move your operations abroad, with lower tax rates, and employ people there instead of here. Its not just MSFT, its Apple, Caterpillar, Exxon-Mobil, a whole host of international companies (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Yum Brands).Fixing it requires taking on the big multinationals, who in any event can move capital around. The smarter move is to tax everything at the same rate (since money is global) and require local content/production.

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  15. I could not have said it any better then John E, and I’ve know Kim since she arrived in LA in the late 70′s.I agree with the precedence the art world provides for the “young and restless” but I’d disagree that it has had any effect on Kim. Kim is constantly engaged and working, and she exhibits consistently. This current exhibition is no exception, and I recommend you go and see it.

  16. 26/08/2011 – 7:40pmBueno, nada nuevo bajo el sol. Esto ya viene de lejos. En 1960, cuando se cruzaron el Barça y el Real Madrid en octavos de la copa de Europa, y el Barça eliminó al Madrid, el diario ABC titulo aquello con esa frase que ha pasado a la historiografía más casposa de la prensa nacional “El Barcelona elimina a España de la copa de Europa”. Vamos, y se quedaron tan anchos.

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  36. super me emocionei quando vi que você era de Belém, também… sou de lá mais agora tô morando em brasília e futuramente pretendo estar sempre além mar… tô estudando pro concurso do Rio Branco…adoro suas receitas… semana passada fiz o cheesecake de mirtilo… todo mundo adorou… vivo procurando receitas por aqui…. beijos

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  39. Agree with most, but those days I’ve became skeptical of things like 2 and 5. My current list is: – Spend less time with flashcards – Not worry about drilling – Not worry about “getting the basics well” – Spend more time actually doing the stuff you wanted to do with the language in the first place (reading literature, etc), even if (especially if!) your knowledge is incomplete

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  45. The crazy old preacher doesn't represent all Christians just like Osama doesn't repesent all Muslims. Two nutjobs use "In the Name of Religion" to justify their actions. Terry Jones shouldn't get any press.

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  54. The other thing that people should pay attention to is Bloomberg's war on salt intake. Studies actually show that a diet that is low in salt increases the likelihood of stroke and heart disease.

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  61. Erixon: SAIK menar du väl? Och vad har du för källa på den där stavningen på AIK???Och jag tror nog att AIK spelat mer jämnt med Luleå än med Färjestad. AIK skakade ju om Luleå rejält flera gånger under säsongen och Melin vet exakt hur han ska möta upp Rönnqvists taktik.

  62. Got to agree with you on that one. It is elective surgery for one thing, most insurance doesn't pay for elective surgery why should our tax dollars. The next thing will be boob jobs for all female inmates (because you know when one gets it, they all will). At least when they get out they would all qualify for jobs at the local hooter's. I wonder if the boob jobs could then be considered part of their re-education?

  63. Tim zegt:‘Wees meester en vormgever van jezelf’, zoals Nietzsche ook zei. De elementen die Frank noemt, zijn allemaal nodig om je eigen pad te gaan en een leider te worden voor jezelf. Mooi artikel!!

  64. Ce simple avertissement est un peu facile M. Vidberg, vous savez très bien que cela se loge dans l’inconscient et que cela ne disparait pas au bout de 24h ! XD(je me demande si la cellule de veille internet du président tombera sur ton blog (s’ils bossent bien qd mm c’est pas impossible))

  65. Rachel: like I’ve said, there’s a difference between being quiet/shy and snobbish. It’s all about how you react to the other person, whether you smile or make an effort to acknowledge the person.

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  70. renato, je suis bien plus qu’un monothéiste, je suis un chrétien de l’église catholique et apostolique. Je regrette mais une telle grâce mérite autre chose que le silence. Si Saint-Paul l’avait fermée à Athènes et ailleurs, on aurait pas eu Byzance. Ça lui a valu quelques ennuis, il est vrai. mais au moins il a la conscience tranquille aujourd’hui. Lui. Et pourtant c’est pas faute d’avoir pas mal péché avant. Lui aussi.

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  75. oh just forgot to add: the origin of your soldiers is chosen randomly, so chances are high that you won’t have an all-white group. My current “elite squad” consists of one argentinian and two russian women, one south african and one nigerian man and a swede.

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